Thursday, April 01, 2004

via The Straits Times



HONG KONG - Thousands of fans have flown in to commemorate the first death anniversary of Leslie Cheung.

They are from Singapore, mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Canada.

Cheung committed suicide on April 1 last year, at the age of 46, by leaping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in downtown Hong Kong.

Yesterday, his partner Daffy Tong kicked off the activities by attending the unveiling of the actor-singer's statue at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum at The Peak.

Tong selected the pose and items included in the exhibition.

Today, parts of Icehouse Street, where Cheung was found dead, will be closed so that some fans can attend a ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental, organised by a fan club.

Organisers say 800 fans have bought tickets for the event which will screen interviews with his family and friends, some of whom will be on hand to share memories.

At 6.41pm, the time when Cheung's body was found, a candlelight memorial will be held at Jardine House across the road from the hotel.

Messages from fans who cannot attend will be read.

One, from a fan in Italy, says: 'It's been one year already since you left us... I'm sure you've already become a wonderful angel. Down here, we still really miss you.'

Cheung's favourite restaurant Fusion - where he ate on the day of his death - will launch a special menu of his favourite dishes, including prime rib, spaghetti bolognaise, caesar salad and seafood soup, AFP reported.

A CD, containing a song with lyrics penned by Cheung's former manager Florence Chan Suk Fun, goes on sale today at HK$15 (S$3.20).

She has not disclosed who the singer is, saying only that he is a new artist.

She writes on the back of the CD's pink cover about the song and music video: 'Fireworks Soup, for the friend I miss more and more. This represents my deep gratitude and is for all who love him.'

Chan will also hold tours for fans to Cheung's fave spots, such as his favourite salon and Hong Kong harbour, Singtao Daily reported.

Another CD, History - HisStory, containing 37 tracks, will also be released.

Movies starring Cheung will be screened at the Hong Kong International Film Festival from April 6-20.

On Sunday, Tong is scheduled to accept a posthumous award for Cheung at the Hong Kong Film Awards.