Thursday, January 27, 2005

On one end, a renaissance, the other, a ruling made from fear and intolerance.

To save the future, the city council has destroyed the past, eradicating art and culture to build their downtown vision, a cookie-cutter, prefab, hermetically-sealed vision of white suburbia devoid of character, class and organic individuality.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

stories were told. clay-pot rice topped with two pieces of steamed broccoli and cured, marbled pork, dripping with sweet fat, white gold melting on the tongue.

but the soy could used a pinch more salt, and some sugar.

it's great freeloading off visiting relatives, whom you didn't know were visiting but just happened to run into them at the local san gabriel clay pot restaurant.

Friday, January 21, 2005

i really don't feel like going to work this morning, but the stories should write themselves...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

it just occurred to me...

when minorities are accused of playing the "race" card against whitey, it's good time to remind said rednecks they get to play their version of it everyday...

for lack of a better term, let's call it the "nativist" card, which goes along the lines of "i'm here first, it's my country, you shut up and you go to hell..."

same shit, different asshole...designed to degrade debate into an illogical, emotional shouting match of ignorance...

and that doesn't help things does it?

it's probably nothing, though it's a good idea to renew my passport, just in case they come knocking down my front door, pitchforks and torches in hand, flags waving on the side of their SUVs, lusting for yellow blood just because of my particular almond-shaped eyes...

as someone told me this past weekend, it's always good to have a backup plan...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

then he pinched me in the ass like this...


Sunday, January 16, 2005

something about running through a town; the konami video game contra;

two reporting projects, one done on my own and the other as a team of four; pryor gave the one i wrote a "A" _ the other one an "F";

a scene of pleading in pryor's office;


then a walk through the milpitas town center, toward the library; and nursing my academic/professional failure with julie, grace and jeremiah?

with images like these rattling in my head, no wonder i haven't been sleeping well...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

1/11/2005 Pasadena. 9:41 a.m.
after the rain tuesday morning.
more forecasted until wednesday.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

wkw's latest plays like jay and silent bob strikes back...

characters and moments from the director's oeuvre parade across the screen in as much a greatest hits compilation, all strung together by the narrator's fragile hold on memory, numeral mania, synchronicity and fleeting permanence.

a naked thigh caressed; medium shots of burning cigarettes; lazy, late-nite taxi rides; all bathe in lovely neon and blacks masterly rendered by Chris Doyle.

still, as a greatest hits album, the sum is not quite of its pieces. but what sumptuous pieces of cinema they are, and will always remain _ unchanged.

it's still raining. day 3. yes

Saturday, January 08, 2005

wet dirty bedroom
window sprarkled under the
flash, rain splat down'd drain

Friday, January 07, 2005


NORTHRIDGE _ Janesri de Silva grabbed on tight to her children and her life, and survived when last week's devastating tsunami struck the Sri Lanka coastal resort where they were vacationing.

``It's very difficult even talking about it, but I can do it,'' said de Silva, 31, who was born in Sri Lanka and lives in Northridge. ``When you speak about it, you kind of relive part of it.''

The Dec. 26 tsunami caused by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean killed an estimated 140,000 people in 11 countries between south Asia and eastern Africa.

De Silva was in the midst of month-long tour of her homeland _ she hadn't been there for 25 years _ with her husband and two children when killer waves pounded their beach resort at Trincomalee.

``The restaurant overlooked the palm trees and the pool and the beach,'' she said Thursday, two days after she returned home. ``We just finished breakfast, we were sitting down and we heard a very loud sound and screaming. My husband, his initial instinct was to run.''

De Silva handed her 3-year-old son Jonathan to Sunil, her husband, but remained to investigate the commotion with her daughter. She thought it was an attack by the anti-government Tamil Tiger rebels, who were known to operated in the area.

``I didn't know what it was,'' she said. ``I didn't want to run in front of it if there was gunfire.''

From the restaurant, De Silva saw brown waters sweeping past the beach and toward the hotel. She ran with 6-year-old daughter Darby in tow, but were overcame within seconds.

``I saw two feet of water initially,'' she said. ``Then it had gone past the pool and it was two feet of just brown. When I finally realized it was water, I started climbing higher. I took my daughter and started climbing higher.''

She recalled grabbing onto Darby as the rushing waters thrown her into a post, then dropped her by a palm grove.

``It just washed me and my daughter in front of the hotel,'' she said. ``I grabbed onto her hand. Then her hand slipped, and I grabbed her body. When it was over, I couldn't move my arm. I had used all my muscle and I couldn't move.''

When the wave receded, she offered her daughter to a man who found refuge on top of a palm tree, just before a second wave approached. She held on to the tree trunk.

``My six-year-old daughter on the tree was yelling at me to be strong,'' she said. ``Another wave passed us.''

De Silva ran with her daughter for higher ground, while searching for her husband. Their hotel laid shattered in a pool of water.

``The building had just fallen apart,'' she said. ``You can see the nails ... and bodies. I saw the manager, I saw his body. He had died.

``As we walked on the dirt path, I saw my husband limping and my son walking along with him.''

Jonathan was barely wet, and Darby was unscathed. But De Silva suffered bruises and her husband received cuts to his leg when he leaped over a concrete wall topped with glass shards. He was still recovering at a local hospital.

``It was kind of a miracle,'' she said. ``God _ he helped us through. My two children don't have a scratch on them and it's just a blessing for them.''

The family found refuge as the Sri Lankan government mobilized aid. She even managed to contact her family in the United States within the first day. A pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, De Silva wanted to join the relief effort, but her injuries kept her on the sidelines.

``I was in shock the whole time,'' she said. ``I was having panic attacks of being outside. It was a very difficult situation for me personally. I'm a doctor and I really want to help the people there. I myself was injured and i couldn't do anything. I was helpless.

``The children _ they were actually telling me it won't happen again. I was very anxious. If I cry, they were telling me not to be a cry baby.

Since the disaster, her family and friends have organized a foundation dedicated to building a orphanage for the tsunami's younger victims.

Meantime, her sister-in-law, a child development teacher at Los Angeles Mission College, has turned a planned vacation to Sri Lanka into a relief effort.

``It's my duty because I have been given the gift of life,'' she said. ``It could've been my children that were gone. I have to help in any way that I can. I'm not going to forget. I'm not going to leave those people stranded.''

Disaster Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency Sri Lanka, a relief group organized by De Silva and local Sri Lankan businesses to build a orphanage for tsunami victims, can be reached at (323) 864-8557.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

so the asian buffet business is apparently more cloak and dagger than any other self promoting huckster enterprise i've ever written about...

faxed requests for interviews in writing, absentee owners whose last names won't be divulged by double-talking site managers.

it's like something out of orwell, or the W administration.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Day 2005, Pasadena, CA, appox. 10 a.m. PST