Tuesday, May 10, 2005

he watched her with longing _ the woman whom he had been with moments earlier slipping into a black, tightly fitted cocktail dress.

"we're both adults," she said. "we felt an impulse. we acted on it."

she was leaving. his eyes widened, speechless.

"you're beer and pizza. me, well _ i'm not."

"you don't know me," he pleaded.

"you drive a honda. i know enough."

after sitting through "hardbodies 2," it's nice to know the dialogue from soft-core t&a flicks on showtime have evolved an intelligence beyond mere self-awareness. Take that bit from the opening of "dangerous pleasures" _ rather than carefree sexual gratification on exotic, sun-splashed rhodes, it now speaks the language of money, ambition and upward mobility...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Just back from the bi-annual east asian roundabout...

boy am i sleepy :O

MORE later...