Tuesday, August 23, 2005


BEACH BOYS *** _ Sorimachi Takashi, Takenouchi Yutaka _ I don't know what it is about this dorama _ nothing really that doramatic happens. Just GTO and Animal Shinji hanging out at a beachside bed and breakfast. A young Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko) from Summer Snow is the spunky, tomboy granddaughter, a really tanned Inamori Izumi runs the local bar/karaoke and an old surfer played by Mike Maki walks around in old football jerseys and muscle shirts. There is a character with a heart condition...

It's mostly guest star of the week hijinks once the two Beach Boys settle in, though there's some real pathos with Inamori's Haruko character, who is waiting for a letter that may or may not come. The show's true allure is its premise _ a summer vacation for two guys looking for a place to start over, to live free as they want _ and the likable cast keeps it from being dull. You see the beginnings of Sorimachi's GTO act here, with the pointing in odd directions and such. Would get an extra 1/2 star if the copy didn't look like 3rd generation VHS, but I'm glad this great, older show is out there at all.

The Shortlist: Beautiful Life, Batsu Kare, Densha Otoko, Shomuni Final

Monday, August 15, 2005

More Dorama World !

GTO DORAMA SPECIAL ***1/2 _ Sorimachi Takashi, Matsushima Nanako, Katase Nana _ Standard greatest-hits compilation in the form of a new episode. The good is it picks up where the tv serial left off _ it's good to see Ekichi Onizuka's students and the rest of the old cast. The bad is it never hit on the subtle, plot-serving social criticism that distingushed this show from its imitators. We got the same afterschool special speeches, same teen angst, same punks getting beat-up, the sum of which is an average _ though comforting _ extended episode, not entirely unlike A Very Brady Christmas. The best part was that shopping scene when we met Uchiyamada's daughter's new boyfriend. Hokkaido? leads into the movie.

GTO: THE MOVIE ** _ Sorimachi Takashi, Fujiwara Norika _ This flick would've turned me off GTO had I seen this first. Yeah, he's out to save another school in a small Hokkaido farm town brought low by an ill-conceived investment in "Canada Village." But we've seen it done better on tv, and a subplot about a criminal in town went nowhere, other than as a device introduce the sweet, well-endowed Fujiwara Norika. Watch her run in 1/2 speed near the end _ it's an impressive sight. Some Shomuni cast members show up, but they don't do much. I think I'll pitch a country journal column to my editor...Miracle in Canyon Country. They were going to put a gravel mine there, but since GTO came to town, everything's changed for the better...

SHOMUNI 2 *** _ Esumi Makiko _ More of the same. A mix of guest-star and heart-string tugging character development episodes, though it sometimes feels like I'm just rewatching shows from the first series altered only with a few tweaks. Rie the fortune teller; Ume the brains; and Kana the sexpot each have a good spotlight show. Some of them even take Japanese corporate ethics to task. Just how many times can Manpan be close to bankruptcy? More times than you think in a 12 episode series. The last two episodes are gold.

Now showing: Beach Boys, Batsu Kare, Shomuni Final

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

American Gods

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

(Or How I Spent My Evenings in July)

LONG VACATION **** _ Kimura Takuya, Yamaguchi Tomoko _ It's a seamless melding of romance, comedy and dorama complemented with the smooth, upbeat light j-pop/hip hop of Hinata Daisuke and CAGNET and well-drawn characters you don't mind hanging out with. Plus there's some real chemistry between Senna and Minami. I zipped through 12 eps in two days. La la la la la Love Song...

SUMMER SNOW **** _ Hirosue Ryoko, Dohmoto Tsuyoshi _ A tragic romance dorama that picks up momentum with the second ep cliffhanger, and never stops until it plays out its logical conclusion. There's a heartfelt lesson for all the kids. Though the occasional sight gag is a bit out of place, and that little girl in the hospital was WAY too calculated, but I'm willing to overlook that, for now. Oh! Eh! Oh! Eh!

GTO ***1/2 _ Sorimachi Takashi, Matsushima Nanako _ A good ride with GRAATO TEECHA Onizuka through 11 1/2 episodes of afterschool special life lessons and escalating teacher villainy. But the ending's too weak. I thought I could overlook that and still give it ****, but having seen Long Vacation, there's no excuse for it. So I'm taking back that 1/2 a star. If they just took another episode to develop the ending instead of relying on a stupid montage to lead into the TV special and the movie (both of which apparently suck by the way)_ it may have turned out better. Tomoko _ she's either the next Namie Amuro or she'll end up in AV.

SHOMUNI *** _ Esumi Makiko _ Hilarious overall, but a bit uneven episode-to-episode. Love their confrontations with the ladies of the secretariat, hate their hair. The writer relied too much on complication-of-the-week in the early shows, and the six Shomu Ni girls lacked individual personalities (aside from their gimmicks). Improves in the last 5 or 6 episodes when the plot devices work off one of the girls for some much needed pathos.

I like to thank Mediacorp's Channel 8 in Singapore for making all this possible. Ain't no artiste like a Mediacorp artiste...